Roller coverings for your home, cottage

Security and protection are just two of the reasons for considering either rolling shutters or solar screens for your home or cottage.

Residential shutter installation

Weather protection – Our harsh climate is very hard on your windows and screen. Have you ever returned to the cottage after a stormy week to find your furniture soaked, maybe a raccoon has been through or worse, vandals walked off with your belongings. You can drop shutters in seconds to protect your screened space, or your windows. You can drop them easily just during a storm, when you head out for a game of golf or for the entire lock-down winter season. The same applies to your own home.

Shift workers – If you need to get some sleep during the daylight hours, roller shutters provide total light block-out and a significant noise reduction. The shutters can be dropped to either filter or block out light.

Energy efficiency – Homeowners can experience significant savings with the added insulation value provided by roller shutters. They keep you warmer in the winter, and provide a great deal of protection from the summer sun and heat.

Roller shutters and shades can be added to any residence, cottage, verandah or structure. They can be added at time of construction or to existing buildings. Give us a call.