2020 is not going to be your typical year for any of us. With the virus closing business and keeping people in doors for their safety it is understandable that some of society is going to take advantage of the situation.

Businesses are going to become tempting targets for some individuals. We are working throughout this time to provide security shutters for those who need piece of mind. Whether its business, residential, or cottage property, we will be there to help protect your hard earned investment.

To contact Kiwi Installations & Sales, either email or call. Check out our website to see the different options we have to offer.

Be a where that not all shutters are equal, to get the best, may cost a little more but you will be able to sleep at night knowing your property is secure. Don’t be fooled with inferior products sold by some companies. Kiwi Installations use only the best products from Europe, companies who have been around for many decades with a solid reputation to back them up.

Give us a call and we will be happy to help. And stay safe in this trying time.

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